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The World Of John Martin


Thank you for looking at 'The World of John Martin'.

This little, non-commercial website was initially established to allow me to gain a basic working knowledge of HTML4. It was re-configured as an exercise in using W3C XHTML1.0 DTD Strict (as far as I can) & CSS2 standards and without using dedicated Web Authoring software. However, I have found HTML-Kit from the site invaluable in checking for errors in the XHTML. The W3C XHTML and CSS validators via have also been utilised. I also use Adobe CS4 Contribute for quick updates.  Books by John Shelly, Kynn Bartlett and Dick Oliver, listed in the Bibliography, are also highly recommended should you wish to attempt a similar project.

I would be the first to agree that the site is currently incomplete. However, this has allowed me to establish the format, check the uploading and my links. It also allows you access to the story so far.

From my early life in Gateshead and Newcastle upon Tyne, I have been aware of John Martin's works from visits to the Laing Art Gallery whose permission was kindly given for the use of some of the source material.

Also, I have lived with my wife and family in the village of Haydon Bridge for some 39 years, our house looking across the River South Tyne to Martin's birthplace cottage. This subject thus became an ideal choice for my Web site. Other source material has been obtained mainly from Haydon Bridge and Hexham libraries' local collections. The books, as indicated in the Bibliography, are sadly now mostly out of print. I hope that the authors still living will appreciate the new life these documents will bring to their original dedicated and fastidious research and will not be offended by the use of their material in this format.

This personal web site involves no commercial gain. However, the aim and hope is that you have also been inspired by John Martin's life. Perhaps you will want to see the works in the galleries and locate the, now valuable, books to learn more for yourself. There is a resurgence of interest in this great Victorian. I have already been contacted by several relatives of the Martins and Mussos who have visited the site.  Others have kindly allowed me to see their own research into the Martin family tree.  A very special mention here to Mildred Robson a tireless and fastidious researcher of the Martin family history which she has kindly shared.

Please let me have your views and constructive criticism on any errors, any information you would like included and how I might improve the site.

Kind Regards


May 2018

As a result of indiscriminate spamming of my E-mail address, my contact form was withdrawn.  This also ensures compliance with GDPR (EU) May 2018 and the need for a SSL security certificate as now only direct e-mail contact is used.

Please contact me via the Web Site admin by E-Mail here:- Admin

(Following the demise of my EE webspace, the site and domain name was transferred to 123-reg servers 20-06-2016.  Thanks to for their prompt IPS tag transfer)

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